Easier Breastfeeding Made Nutrient-Rich

Did you know that nursing mamas need an additional 500 calories postpartum to help produce enough breast milk for exclusive breastfeeding?

We formulated our Mama balls with the breastfeeding mama in mind—loaded with ten percent of your daily macronutrients per daily dose, and enough calories & active ingredients to help keep that supply up.

  • Nutrient-Dense
  • Whole Food Ingredients
  • Scientifically Backed

Recommended by Experts, Loved By Moms

I can’t say enough about how nutritious and delicious these are for a busy nursing mama. It’s great to have something that I can quickly grab on the go and know that I’m getting some of the good stuff necessary for my newborn and myself. 

- Leigha B. 

Mama Balls are a tasty and convenient way to help meet the increased energy and nutrient needs of breastfeeding. Plus they don’t require any prep and can be eaten with one hand!

- Rachelle Mallik, MA, RD, LDN

This is perfect for exactly what it's designed. A healthy quick snack that helps you nourish yourself and baby. Even now a couple months into our breastfeeding journey I find it hard to make time for healthy snacks so I'm loving this.

- Sarah F.

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Fueling Moms, Nurturing Babies
Nunona’s Mama Balls are the perfect snack to support and enhance your breastfeeding experience.
tick mark 10% Daily Macronutrients
tick mark Essential Nutrients
tick mark Plant-Based

    Helps regulate blood sugar levels, supporting your mood & energy levels

  • NUTS

    Provides healthy fats and a good source of protein for post-birth recovery


    High in fiber to improve bowel movement and act as a natural sweetener

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Meet Founder & Mama Krista

Healthy babies start with healthy mamas.

“Starting my own journey into motherhood, I soon realized the products I desired were missing, failing to cater to the modern mom's needs.

This led me to create nourishing snacks from organic plant-based ingredients, free from synthetic supplements, offering a better choice for our bodies and the planet."

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Made with You & Baby in Mind
The perfect snack to support and enhance your breastfeeding experience.
tick mark Nutrient-Dense
tick mark Whole Food Plant-Based
tick mark Organic Ingredients
tick mark No Synthetic Supplements
tick mark Gluten-Free Oats*
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What’s in Nunona’s Mama Ball
tick mark Evidence-Backed Nourishment
Grounded in science, offering genuine benefits for both moms and babies.
tick mark Real Ingredients
Authentic, healthful ingredients that support overall well-being.
tick mark Tailored Nutrients
Including only what's essential for maximum nourishment.
tick mark No Processed Additives
We steer clear of heavy processing and artificial components.
tick mark Whole Food Approach
We believe in the power of whole foods with essential nutrients to enhance breastmilk quality.
Lactation Cookies
Whole Food Plant-based
Refined Sugar Free
Healthy Fats
Clean Ingredients
Backed by Science

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