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Winner of Good Housekeeping | Practical Postpartum Care

Our mission is to nourish new moms. Using whole food plant-based nutrition, we help her build a healthier generation.

Mama Balls include only what you need and nothing else.

A new kind of 'supplement'

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Don’t be fooled by lactation cookies, you deserve a better bite.

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NUNONA - Helping you fuel your body with the very best, so you can nourish your baby.


All of the flavors are delicious. I feel healthier eating them instead of dessert, plus it’s good for my baby!?!

Best thing ever.

Nikki A.

So delicious, great ingredients, and portable! Gift these to every friend heading to the delivery room you can (and yourself). Hospital food sucks and these are 1) so delicious; and 2) give such peace of mind that you're supporting your milk-making with all the right stuff. Super cute packaging that's great for gifting too!

Carmel H.

If you want a way to spoil a mama- this is it! From the flawless and personal packaging to the perfect mouthful of deliciousness this is now my go-to treat when needing a little pick-me-up throughout the day.

Trisha C.
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