Gifting Collection

Healthy babies start with healthy mamas. Celebrate the new mom in your life by giving the gift of science-backed snacks to nourish mamas and their babas.

Only What You Need and Nothing Else

We handpick ingredients that supply essential nutrients.
Our core functional ingredients are:


Contain soluble fiber to help regulate
blood sugar levels, which supports
your mood & energy levels.

P.S. Our oats are gluten free!

Nut Butters

Provide healthy fats & a
good source of protein to help
you recover post-birth.


High in fiber for the comfort
of your bowels and act as
a natural sweetener.


High in plant-based
Omega-3 fatty acids to
help build baby’s brain.

Brewer's Yeast

Provides protein, iron and
B Vitamins for cell creation
& brain development.