Meet Nunona: A healthy alternative to lactation cookies for breastfeeding Mamas

Lactation cookies crumble under scrutiny, that’s why we created Nunona - to help breastfeeding Mama’s keep up with the demands of their baby.

Nunona mama balls are a dairy free, refined sugar free, all natural alternative to surgery lactation cookies.

Only 8 real ingredients, and formulated with our Vegan & Gluten-free Mama’s in mind :)

Redefining Maternal Nutrition

Maternal nutrition affects baby for a lifetime. Essential nutrients mamas consume like omega 3 fatty acids, B-vitamins and iron help with optimal brain & body development for Baby. Nunona's bite-sized energy balls are formulated by moms & scientists to support breastfeeding mamas with the essential nutrients babies need for a lifetime of health.

A Healthy Alternative to Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies crumble under scrutiny. Claims of increased breastmilk production aren’t evidence based and their formulations are far from healthy. Nunona’s science-backed snacks provide real ingredients which nourish Mamas and help create healthier humans. We carefully select healthy ingredients and include only what you need.

Only What You Need and Nothing Else

We handpick ingredients that supply essential nutrients.
Our core functional ingredients are:

oats for breastfeeding nutrition


Contain soluble fiber to help regulate
blood sugar levels, which supports
your mood & energy levels.

P.S. Our oats are gluten free!

nutbutters for breastfeeding nutrition

Nut Butters

Provide healthy fats & a
good source of protein to help
you recover post-birth.

flaxseeds for breastfeeding nutrition


High in plant-based
Omega-3 fatty acids to
help build baby’s brain.

dates for breastfeeding nutrition


High in fiber for the comfort
of your bowels and act as
a natural sweetener.

brewers yeast for breastfeeding nutrition

Brewer's Yeast

Provides protein, iron and
B Vitamins for cell creation
& brain development.

2 Week Supply (56 Bites)

Variety Pack - Nourishment Bundle - 2 Week Supply (56 Bites)

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$31.50 (50% Off First Order)



Each serving supplies at least 10% of your daily macronutrient requirements (carbs, fat, and protein) and essential nutrients to enhance the profile of breastmilk

Nunona’s nourishment program is a commitment to you & baby, so every two weeks we’ll automatically ship you another nourishment bundle to keep you on track. 

If you want to try a different flavor or if you have too many bites, you can easily change, skip, or cancel at any time.

That's a 2 week supply of Nunona for only $31.50.

1000's of Mom's Trust Nunona

Recommended by Experts, Loved By Moms

"Exclusive breastfeeding was hard, but I knew I wanted to keep with it, I always felt my energy was gone, and keeping up with baby's schedule was challenging - until I found Nunona. Nunona helps me stay nourished throughout the day, and helps make exclusive breastfeeding that much easier!"

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Find Your Flavor

Healthy Babies Start with Healthy Mamas

Our debut product, Mama Balls, are an industry first. Focused on nourishing new moms, our energy balls have nutrients that help support babies’ brains and body throughout their lifetime. With pre-portioned daily packs, we help take the guesswork out of getting extra energy, when it’s needed most!

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