The most common concern amongst new mamas is whether they are producing enough milk for their babas to thrive. But rest assured, it is possible to prevent problems before they start.  This is because your milk supply is based on the “supply and demand” principle. Let’s look at ways to prevent low breast milk production.

1) Breastfeed Often

The easiest way to prevent supply problems is to ensure that you breastfeed often. The more baba drinks, the more milk your body will make. Strict schedules or going for long periods of time between feeds, may cause full breasts, which tells your body to produce less milk. Try to feed baba before he/she starts to cry or fuss.1

2) Being Separated from Baba

Skin to skin right after birth will help you to breastfeed your baba soon after delivery. It may also help to ensure a steady supply in the following weeks as your body knows when baba is close.1

3) Be Alert to Feeding Problems

Ensure that baba is latched on and positioned well. Tummy to tummy and nipple to nose are good positioning. Be on the lookout for signs that baba is swallowing. If baba is just sucking but not swallowing, gently squeeze your breasts to start milk flow.1 

Offer both breasts at each feeding. If baba only nurses on one breast for whatever reason,  pump or hand express the other breast to relieve pressure and protect your milk supply for following feeds.1

4) Minimize Stress!

The breastfeeding process and supply can be improved by reducing your stress levels. Stress inhibits the let-down reflex, which may lead to a disruption in milk flow and reduced milk volume. This can be prevented or reversed with using relaxation techniques,2  such as meditation or listening to soothing music. Mamas prone to be more anxious struggle to maintain lactation.3 Trust that your body knows what to do. 


5) Not Enough Mama Nourishment

Your milk supply is dependent on what you eat. Most nursing mamas need around 500 extra calories per day.4 Eating enough makes it easier for your body to cope with the additional demand of producing breast milk and taking care of baba. Try to avoid empty calories as eating well may enhance the quality of your breastmilk which contributes to enhanced nutrition for your baba. The quantity of some nutrients in your breastmilk is related to the amount you eat. These nutrients are vitamin A, B6, B12, folate, iodine, selenium and some fatty acids.4,5 


Nunona Mama Balls are a tasty treat that offer you one less thing to stress about. They can help enhance the quality of your breast milk as they contain essential nutrients that get transferred to your baba via your breastmilk.  They are also conveniently packed so that you can eat them on-the-go or whilst breastfeeding. 



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