Georgia Alexandra Davis

Age: 44

Children’s ages: 11, 9 & 13months

City: New York

Occupation: pre first baby I was a freelance fashion stylist and market editor for numerous fashion publications, after my first baby I founded Georgia Alexandra fine jewelry.

Instagram handle:


1) Exploring identity change in motherhood.

What was the transition to motherhood like for you?

Newly married and working up until the hours just before delivering a baby, the transition to motherhood felt like a natural evolution. What I had not anticipated was the layers of emotional ups and downs that come with baby. How lack of sleep affects everything for example.

How did your identity change?

Very much so. I was due for a change: the fashion world was feeling stale and bubble like, so I was really excited to explore how motherhood was offering a crisp new direction.

Did your career change?

It did. Simultaneously with the arrival of my son. I had been exploring starting my own something, and the time felt right and full of creative energy! I’ve felt very creative while pregnant with all of my children. Maybe it’s a thing!

How would you describe yourself pre baby? How do you describe yourself now?

Pre babies feels like a lifetime ago! A world of endless possibilities and maybe no need for focused direction yet. Then babies arrived and there was an instant shift. An urgency for something greater, long term even. Since then, there has been in depth growth and sincere appreciation for life.

2) Understanding that you can’t completely prepare.

What do you wish you knew that you learned the hard way?

Sleep deprivation is real! Wish I could have told myself the first two times around to take my time and live life one day at a time. Not to try to push my limits, though that’s really challenging especially if you’re birthing your dream business alongside infants! This third time has been much easier though I think I’ve had the least amount of sleep. A woman’s brain and body are incredible!

Knowing what you know now, what would you change?

Not sure that I would change much. Some things have to happen for other things to come to fruition.

3) Getting all the gear.

What would you definitely purchase?

A smaller crib and the nursing chair I have yet to purchase three babies in 🤣🤣🙈

What was a total waste?

We started with the bare minimum and so not much went to waste, but I’m happy we didn’t get too many newborn baby clothes since they outgrew everything so fast!

What do you actually need?

A good nursing bra. A few actually! And tasty healthy snacks for the first few months of nursing especially.

4) What about mama?

We’ve found that with all of the focus around the baby moms tend to put themselves last. This can be as true for finding a minute to take a shower or bathroom break as it is for being able to eat or prepare meals. If your breastfeeding this becomes even more critical as your nutrition becomes your babies. Did you struggle to eat well in the first few months post birth?

Yes! My babies did not do well with anything dairy or soy for the first 12 months, and my 13 month old is still struggling so finding delicious and filling non dairy/soy ingredients ten years ago was a challenge. Much more is available now thankfully. I’m still trying to find a good balance or system.

What worked for you?

An understanding partner I think makes the world of difference.

5) Feeding Baby (0-6 months)

Nothing seems to have created more judgement than the way we choose to feed our children. Breastfeeding is filled with benefits, but not always possible for a myriad of reasons, and that’s OK too. What do you learn from the feeding journey that you wish you knew going in?

I was happy to learn along the way and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate this very special bonding experience. Wish I knew all three times what a rollercoaster ride the weight gain would be. It’s something I’m very actively trying to figure out now still. Practicing patience and kindness for my emotional and mental self. Hopefully after this little one is done nursing I’ll find the path to a healthier weight.

6) Routines & Activities

Routines can be a lifesaver in the early days, even if just for your own sanity. What worked for you? Did you try to keep to a schedule?

I’m terrible with routines and think I’ve paid the price (see lack of sleep!). Not that I don’t like to keep a schedule but very easily get carried away with others schedules and things. But I think there are some beautiful moments that come with being flexible also. Either way, I would say do what feels good to you, in that moment.

7) What are some favorite books and activities to do with your baby (0-12 months) and toddler (12-24 months?).

So much reading!! Baby Theadora especially. Her go to toys are books and she loves to explore on her own as well as be read to. Especially when her siblings read to her. Some favorites are her big sister Shakti's books from author illustrator Ana Bianchi of PaperGirl that come with the most beautiful illustrated girls dresses. We also love to paint, do art and make a mess together. She started taking an interest in using a pencil and paint brush around 7-8 months and since I love to get creative I’ve encouraged it. We also love moving and meditating together so while I’m streaming my Tracy Anderson Method or join a live Sahaja Yoga class,  baby is playing on my mat. It doesn’t always go for a full workout or meditation session but I’m hoping she will get used to my special time and maybe even join me on her own in the future.

8) Sleep glorious sleep.

Sleep deprivation is real! Because it’s not challenging enough to learn to look after a tiny human. How did you make it through with getting your baby to sleep as well as yourself?

This I’m still very much trying to figure out! Theadora had quite severe reflux and sleep has not been easy, but we try to get lots of movement throughout the day and then settle in the evening with some calm time, maybe meditation and some days a bath to try and settle into a good night's sleep… Hoping we will get here soon!

Any final words of wisdom you’d like to share?

Only that every mom, every pregnancy, every baby is different. Take the information that helps you and do what brings YOU joy. There’s no wrong way 💗

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