1. THIS is the moment

Nourishment during the postpartum period is critical for both mama and baby, setting the stage for lifelong health. Good nutrition during the first 1000 days, from conception until two years of age has benefits that may last a lifetime

It not only provides the essential building blocks for brain development, healthy growth, and a strong immune system, but also lays the foundations for lifelong health. 

2. There’s a lack of options

There may be many options when it comes to infant formula and baby food, but nutrition matters for babies’ development long before they take their first bite in the real world! The market is sorely lacking when it comes to supporting and nourishing women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nunona is working to solve that.

3. And what is out there isn’t that great…

The state of maternal nutrition in America is, increasingly, processed lactation cookies, loaded with sugar, white flour and preservatives. Not great, guys. Moms deserve so much better postpartum! Choose whole foods which are generally higher in fiber to benefit your body, your breastmilk and your immunity. 

4. It’s all from mama

Did you know that 50% of the sole source of nutrition for a baby is via the mother during the first 1000 days?  Mamas need the right nourishment in order to pass along essential nutrition to their babies in utero and while breastfeeding. Did you know that nursing mamas need an additional 500 calories postpartum to help produce breast milk? Yet self care can be difficult postpartum as you are so focused on the baby.  It’s hard to find time to properly nourish yourself. Nunona makes that easier (and frankly, more delicious). 

5. Your diet affects your breastmilk 

Optimising your dietary intake will optimize the nutrient benefits delivered to your baby through breast milk.  Maternal nutrition can affect the quantity of some nutrients in your breastmilk (i.e. vitamin A, B6, B12 and folate; iodine; selenium and fatty acids such as DHA.The B-vitamins and DHA play a role in brain development. Nunona Mama Balls contain important essential nutrients including Omega 3, Iron and B vitamins so that you can transfer them to your baby. 

6. What you eat changes the flavor of your breast milk

According to a study, repeated experiences with novel flavors during breastfeeding increase children’s willingness to try new foods. This may help avoid picky eating, and is why Nunona offers a range of flavor profiles from savory matcha to fresh citrus and sweet cacao. 

7. You can stop a problem before it starts

Why wait until there’s a problem to start taking care of yourself? Help stop supply problems before they start. Mamas need proper nourishment before ‘supply’ problems set in. Proper nutrition, support and feeding frequency can actually prevent breastfeeding challenges, and help you reach your breastfeeding goals – whatever they may be.

8. Convenience for all

Postpartum care is about more than just benefits for baby. YOU matter, too, and Nunona formulated their products with mama in mind. With ten percent of your daily macronutrients per daily dose, you get easy access to organic, whole food nutrition including protein and Omega 3 to assist with postpartum recovery. Helping you take care of yourself mentally and physically benefits your baby whether you breastfeed, formula feed or land somewhere in the middle!

9. Be part of the solution

What we do now affects future generations, and that’s why Nunona was founded on three principles: Nurture, nourish and nature. While there may not be a science to being a mom, there is science behind health. We are all on this journey together and by nurturing minds, nourishing bodies and living a sustainable lifestyle with plant-based foods to reduce our impact on the environment, we will be able to collectively create a generation of healthier humans for a healthier planet.

10. They are delicious.

What more can we say!

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