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The Birth of a Mama

  • Getting to know new Mama & Dietician Rachelle Mallik

    Try not to judge your postpartum body, especially in the fourth trimester when there is so much change.”

    Today we’re featuring dietician and new Mama @RachelleMallik! Read all about her tips for nourishing your body and supporting your healing postpartum, all while embracing your new motherhood journey.

  • Getting to know new Mama & Writer Jessica Florio

    “I used to have a lot of moments where I’d put myself down for not doing something “better” for my baby in the past. But all I see now is how happy he is.”

    Today we’re featuring writer, blogger and new mama @UpperwestJess! Read as she talks through living in the moment and letting go of expectations.

  • Getting to Know Mama & Entrepreneur Jill Koziol

    “I never stopped being me, never lost myself in motherhood, and actually found a new sort of strength in power through motherhood.”

    Featuring CEO of popular lifestyle brand and mom of two, @JillKoziol! 

    Read all about how she found new strength as a mom, while balancing a new schedule and priorities.

  • Getting to Know New Mama & Entrepreneur Carmel Hagen

    "Welcoming little humans into your life shakes things up in all kinds of great and horribly difficult ways." Now combine this with running a successful start-up. From choosing between 5 minutes of email or food to delegating to your partner and ultimately the freedom of keeping on open mind. Read to learn how this mama navigated her first year.
  • Getting to know New Mama & Jewelry Designer Georgia Alexandra Davis

    ”Every mom, every pregnancy, every baby is different. Take the information that helps you and brings YOU joy. There’s no wrong way.” From the fashion world to motherhood and fine jewelry design, Georgia speaks to the beauty and importance of finding flexibility as a new mama. Read all about finding your best self-expression through the unexpected twists and turns of motherhood!

  • Getting to know New Mama & Social Good Entrepreneur Laura Wood

    Founder of the world's first social good scratch off card Lottolove candidly shares her reflections on the first 11 months of being a Mama. From feeling like yourself again to having a new relationship with time and of course tips for preparing for breastfeeding! Enjoy!
  • Getting to know New Mama & Registered Dietitian Tamsin Jordan

    Even Registered Dieticians struggle to feed themselves post birth! From someone who didn't grow up dreaming about having children, Tamsin is now an expert in maternal health. Read along as she shares great tips from eating well post birth to coping with identity change and her must have baby items.
  • Getting to know New Mama & Freelance Publicist/ SAHM McKenzie Roman

    One of the most powerful insights in becoming a new mom is the realization that we can craft our own journey. Whether that be continuing in our chosen careers, starting a business, staying at home with our children or combining elements of the above. McKenzie of one of those women that has managed to make the tough calls we face as moms seem effortless all while finding meaningful ways to give back. We discuss the challenges of moving cities with a young baby, dealing with identity change as you become a Mama, what you actually need and loads more.
  • Getting to know new Mama and Entrepreneur Morgan Michalowski

    When Certified Nurse Midwife Morgan Michelowski experienced challenges that hampered her ability to reenter the workforce after giving birth she realized if this is happening in her profession it must be prevalent everywhere. Putting her training and real life experience to work Morgan is on a mission to help parents both prepare for and prevent the challenges she faced. We talk about identity change postpartum, challenging the status quo and supporting others.
  • Getting to know new Mama and Lululemon Key Accounts Manager Tara Weber

    Let's be honest when you are a new mom we are all basically living in spandex! So it's great to know that behind the scenes at Lululemon (the makers behind our favorite mom gear!) there are also some pretty incredible moms! We discuss travel tips, letting go of perfection and cherishing family time.
  • Getting to know new Mama & Entrepreneur Stephanie Cartin

    Stephanie is the founder of not just one but three businesses! She is also the Mama to Mollie, a baby she wasn't sure was going to make it, a baby she spent 11 weeks in the hospital with before her birth. A baby who is now a happy (and adorable!) 15 month old. We talk about why Stephanie Co-Founded a company to help eliminate the physical and financial waste from ALL.THE.BABY.GEAR. as well as why it's important not to compare your story to others.
  • The Birth of a Mama - Renee Frojo

    You know that Mama who just seems to have all the answers? She doesn't pretend to be perfect, you just know everything she does has been well considered. Meet Renee she is a Mama and an Entrepreneur working to help new mamas find connections.