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- Our Story -

Fueling Mamas And The Next Generation Of Healthier Humans.

Something changes when you become a mother. The world suddenly becomes smaller and your heart starts to live outside your body. You vow from the moment you’re pregnant to do the very best you can for your baby. That’s why I started Nunona, to help all Mamas on their journey. 

Nunona was born from a mother who had her entire career focused around infant nutrition and developing nutritional products.

The best gift you can give your child is a lifetime of health. There is an evidenced-based connection between maternal nutrition and the profile of breast milk. 

When embarking on my own motherhood journey, I realized that the products I wanted didn’t exist. I wanted to nourish my body and my baby with whole food, plant-based nutrients without the use of synthetic supplements. So I began making my own products for my pregnancy, to help optimize my breast milk quality during breastfeeding and to nourish my baby once she went onto solids. 

I started Nunona to share these products with all Mamas, because after all, we’re all in this together! No matter what your journey may look like, we’re here to support you! By nurturing minds, nourishing bodies and doing right by the planet we will be able to collectively create a generation of healthier humans - for a healthier planet.