5 Reasons Why Nunona is Changing the Breastfeeding Journey for New Moms

Bite-sized postpartum snacks formulated to support breastfeeding mamas with the essential nutrients babies need for a lifetime of health. Offering you healthy lactation snacks, you can feel good about!

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THIS is the (mom)ent! 

Nourishment during the postpartum period is critical for both mama and baby, setting the stage for lifelong health. Good nutrition during the first 1000 days, from conception until two years of age, has benefits that last a lifetime. Nutrition over this period provides baby the essential building blocks for brain development, healthy growth, and a strong immune system.


It's all from Mama

Mamas need the right nourishment in order to pass along essential nutrition to their babies in utero and while breastfeeding. Nursing mamas need an additional 500 calories postpartum to help produce breast milk! Yet self is difficult postpartum, with so much focus on the baby, it’s hard to find time to properly nourish yourself. Nunona makes that easier (and frankly, more delicious).


Wholesome ingredients that are great for you, and your baby,

We only use organic plant based ingredients. Each daily dose of Nunona provides you with 10% of your daily macronutrients, plus essential nutrients that breastfeeding moms need to pass onto their babies. Your nutrition influences the profile of your breastmilk so we help you get important nutrients like Omega 3, Iron and B Vitamins.


Tasty bite sized snacks that are super convenient

Nunona is pre-portioned to help you remember to eat and give you a nourishing, healthy snack when the breastfeeding hunger hits. No prep work needed. Leave a pack of Nunona next to your nursing chair for middle of the night feeds, enjoy a sleeve with your morning coffee, or toss a sleeve in your diaper bag to take on-the-go.


Loved & Trusted By Thousands Of Happy Mamas

You're not alone on this incredible journey. Join thousands of empowered mamas who have fallen in love with Nunona's award-winning Mama Balls. We're proud to have created a community where support, encouragement, and shared experiences thrive. Together, we can nourish our bodies, nurture our babies, and create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Ready to unlock the full potential of this (mom)ent with Nunona?

Over 10,000 Happy Mama’s


I was hesitant to try these but they are incredible! I’ve only tried three flavors so far but I can definitely eat more than one pack a day! They are all delicious! They are perfect for on the go and breastfeeding mamas!

Nicole. Verified Customer


I love the nunona balls. They are a tasty and convenient snack I can grab and eat while taking care of my newborn, they taste great and I feel good eating something nutritious that is not loaded with sugars.

Analy. Verified Customer


For someone who’s always busy, never finds the time for simple things like snacks, these are a life saver. I’m not a fan of every flavor but I have found quite a few I like.

Reagan. Verified Customer

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Nutrient Dense

Whole food ingredients that provide essential nutrients.

Made Plant Based

Only the safest, most natural ingredients for you and your baby.

No Harmful Ingredients

Our list is clean, and readable. Ingredients you know & love.

Born to Nourish Mamas & Their Babas

When I began my own motherhood journey, I quickly realized the products I wanted didn’t exist and the market wasn't meeting the needs of the modern mom.

Knowing the importance of maternal nutrition and the direct impact it has on a baby’s health, I decided to make my own nutrient-packed snacks from organic plant-based, whole food ingredients without the use of synthetic supplements because this is better for our bodies and for our planet.One of the best gifts you can give your child is a lifetime of health.

That’s why I am on a mission to help all mamas on their journey. Nunona is dedicated to empowering you with the nutrition you need to create healthier humans for a healthier planet.

Breastfeeding Snacks That Fuel Your Body So You Can Feed Your Baby

Lactation supplements for the modern mom. Made with organic whole food plant-based ingredients that optimize your dietary intake & need to be consumed by mom in order to get to baby through breastmilk.