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Variety Pack - Weekly Nourishment Box

Variety Pack - Weekly Nourishment Box

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Find your favorite Mama Ball flavor by tasting them all! Our Variety Pack gives you the chance to try all of our delicious flavors including: Almond Coconut, Peanut Cacao, Cashew Matcha, Cashew Lemon, and Cashew Confetti.

Healthy babies start with healthy mamas!

Snacks today for Mama, lifelong health for baby. Our debut product, Mama Balls, is an industry first. Focused on nourishing new moms, our energy balls have nutrients that help support babies' brains and bodies throughout their lifetime. With pre-portioned daily packs, we help take the guesswork out of getting extra energy - when it’s needed most.


  • Each box is a one-week supply containing 28 energy balls
  • ‘Dosage’ is one sleeve (4 balls)/day x 7 days a week to help ensure Mamas are getting the extra energy required for breastfeeding
  • Each serving supplies at least 10% of your daily macronutrient requirements (carbs, fat, and protein) and essential nutrients to enhance the profile of breastmilk

More about Mama Balls:

  • Good nutrition during the first 1000 days, from conception until 2 years of age, has benefits that may last a lifetime
  • The quality of the maternal diet affects the quality of breast milk
  • Mama Balls help you create quality breast milk
  • Whole Food Plant-Based and expertly formulated for new Mamas

Made in the USA

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